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Java served without the code

A free Macromedia tool allows the creation of Java applets without using Java code.

Macromedia is trying to bring Java to the masses with a free tool that allows designers to create applets without writing any Java code.

AppletAce works with Macromedia's PowerApplets, a basic palette of pre-programmed Java applets designed to animate screen icons, banners, and charts. AppletAce lets designers configure the PowerApplets through pull-down menus, radio buttons, and text fields.

Although the free PowerApplets have been available for some time, AppletAce is the first really easy tool designed to work with them. Eventually, Macromedia will commercialize the offering by selling PowerApplets on through subscriptions.

AppletAce can be downloaded from the company's Web site.

The company also this week shipped to developers a beta ActiveX version of its Shockwave technology for Internet Explorer 3.0. Shockwave, which allows Director movies to be viewed on the Web, is now available only as a Netscape plug-in. The final release of the ActiveX version is due this summer.

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