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Is Omnidrive down for good?

Is the online storage service coming back? We don't know yet.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn
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We got an e-mail earlier today from a Webware reader and Omnidrive user who told us the online storage service has been out since early this morning. We sleuthed around a little and tried to get in touch with Omnidrive CEO Nik Cubrilovic, whose personal blog is also down, although we've heard nothing back yet. As of publishing this, the service is still down.

Last month Read/WriteWeb broke a story about the online storage service heading to the mythical Internet deadpool after picking up on a flurry of unresolved technical difficulties that had been listed in the official and unofficial Omnidrive support forums. Cubrilovic responded to the RWW post saying that all was peachy, with a new release on the way and a healthy dose of funding in the can. However, hours later Ex-CTO Phil Morle responded with a completely different story, saying that there were no more staff on board and that he had never been paid for his services over his four-month stint with the company. Worse yet, Morle said that member dues weren't properly going to paying the monthly server bill, leading to unexpected downtimes.

If the downtime is permanent, the real losers in this situation are the paying users with critical data that cannot be accessed. Deadpool or not, the best you can hope for in a situation like this is an escape hatch to get your data out and migrate it elsewhere. We'll keep you posted.

Update: (1/9) A handful of users have let us know that the Windows desktop client is still working for them, despite the Omnidrive site and connected support forums being down.