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iPhone apps I can't live without

Are you thinking about an iPhone clean out? Is it time to strip away all your useless apps to help make the good apps easier to find? Check out our list of the apps you absolutely need to keep.

Just before the new year we asked iPhone owners which apps they couldn't live without, and a big thanks to everyone who replied (especially "thought through" who now has me addicted to Doodle Jump).

To ring in the new year I spent some time cleaning up my iPhone testing unit, stripping down its bulging nine pages of apps to a much more manageable four pages of tools and games I actually use on a regular basis.


In truth, I'm not a great user of Facebook, I probably post a status update once a week and I almost never upload photos. That doesn't stop me from lurking around Facebook on the iPhone several times a day and this certainly wouldn't be the case if the app wasn't as clean-looking and easy to use.


Tweetie 2
Choosing an the official app for Facebook is a no-brainer, but selecting your tool of choice for Twitter is more difficult. After trying the rest I've settled on Tweetie 2. Not only is it easy to follow your timeline, but it's a piece of cake tracking the followers of your followers, and the feature that searches for tweets posted near your location is genius. (And if you're interested in movie news and reviews check out @twit_flicks).


The first app I check each morning and the last app I check at night, the ABC's news and online content aggregator is a must for all Australians. The layout is attractive, all content loads lightning-fast and the opportunity to watch streaming video of ABC programming is fantastic.


The PopCap catalogue
That's right, the entire PopCap catalogue including Peggle, Bookworm, Bejeweled 2 and Chuzzle. Each of these games is achingly addictive, even though they are all quite different games to play. If you can only afford one I suggest you start with Peggle — that game kept me happy for months.

Pocket Cinema

Pocket Cinema
This one is for my inner movie buff. If you haven't heard of it, Pocket Cinema is the official Greater Union iPhone app and lets you book seats in any session across Australia at the touch of a button. When you've selected your sessions and seats you pay with a credit card, then take your iPhone to the cinema so that they can scan the barcode right off the screen.


TripView Sydney
Bus and train timetables are an essential part of my life at this time, and as such, TripView is an essential app to use when living and working in Sydney. The layout is fantastic and the timetable updates are quick and painless.

These are the apps I will always make space for on the iPhone. What apps would you include in yours?

(Image credits: Facebook, atebits, ABC, PopCap Games, Greater Union, Grofsoft)