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iOS 10 means it's time for iPhone 4S owners to move on

Apple's latest iOS 10 will not support iPhone 4S, which has been supported from iOS 5 all the way to iOS 9.

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If you still own (and love) your iPhone 4S, I have some bad news: it's now time to move on. As it turns out, iOS 10 will be the first major operating system upgrade that counts the phone out.

For many, the 4S is a major milestone. For one, it's the first phone to include the now-famous digital assistant Siri. It's also the last phone announced before Steve Jobs passed away in 2011 and became available for purchase just nine days after his death. It's fair to say that it's the last phone with Jobs' direct involvement.

The 4S was released alongside the debut of iOS 5 and it has survived (and worked well) through the current iOS version, 9.3. Come this fall, though, you won't be able to upgrade it to iOS 10. Here's the complete list of Apple devices that will be supported by iOS 10.

That doesn't mean the phone will stop working. Like the older iPhones, such as the iPhone 4 or 3S, you can still use it with the latest iOS version it supports. But if you want the new features of iOS 10, you will need to get an iPhone 5 or newer.

Face it, kids, nothing lasts forever.

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