iOS 17.3: You Should Download the Latest iPhone Update Now

The update adds new features to your iPhone, but more importantly it addresses a security issue that could be actively exploited.

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Apple released iOS 17.3 on Jan. 22, and the update introduced new features like Stolen Device Protection and collaborative playlists to iPhone users. The update also included some bug fixes and security patches, including one that Apple said might be actively exploited. 

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To download the update, go to Settings > General > Software Update, tap Install Now and follow the onscreen prompts.

According to Apple, iOS 17.3 patches more than a dozen security issues and bugs. One of these patches is for WebKit, the internet browser engine used in Safari and developed by Apple.

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Apple wrote that WebKit might process maliciously crafted web content that could lead to arbitrary code execution. That means a third party could steal your data or hack your device for other nefarious purposes, according to the IT services company Okta

The patches in iOS 17.3 address other issues, too, like one in Safari that could allow a user's private browsing information to be visible in Settings. However, Apple wrote that none of these other issues were actively exploited.

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