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Instagram Launches Broadcast Channels Chat Feature

The feature lets creators send messages, pics and more directly to their followers.

Two smartphone screens, one showing an Instagram Channel notification and one showing messages shared in the Channel
Your favorite creator just got a new way to send announcements.

Instagram creators have a new way to interact with their fans. On Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Instagram owner Meta, unveiled an Instagram mobile feature called broadcast channels. It lets creators send text, photos, videos and more directly to their followers. Zuckerberg made the announcement in his own broadcast channel, called Meta Channel, where he plans to share other Meta updates moving forward. 

Only creators can send messages in broadcast channels. Followers can react to messages and vote in polls. Meta said it plans to add more features to broadcast channels, like crowdsourced questions for "ask me anything" type sessions.

Anyone can join a broadcast channel, but only followers will receive notifications when a creator posts in such a channel. Followers can mute broadcast channels and control how many notifications they receive.

Two smartphone screens showing the Meta Channel in Instagram

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a broadcast channel to share Meta announcements.


The feature is available to select US creators, but Meta plans to extend it to other creators in the coming months.

Zuckerberg also said broadcast channels would be coming to Messenger and Facebook in months ahead.

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