Instagram brings IGTV vids back to the main app with new Video tab

You'll now be able to find the longer videos previously reserved for IGTV in your feed.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer

Instagram wants to make it simpler to watch videos on its platform. To see longer videos on the photo- and video-sharing social network, you used to need a separate app called IGTV. Now, the Facebook-owned company is merging the IGTV videos and the shorter videos you'd normally find in your feed into a single tab called Instagram Video.

Announced via a blog post on Tuesday, the Video tab will house content up to 60 minutes in length and includes previews and new features such as people- and location-tagging. According to multiple sources, Instagram's TikTok competitor, the short-form focused Reels, will remain in a separate tab. 

You'll be able to tap any video to watch it full-screen, and creators can see insights into how their posts and videos are performing with a single, combined metric. 

Instagram TV launched as a competitor to YouTube in 2018. As noted in the blog post, combining long and short video into a single app helps simplify the process for both creators and those looking for entertainment in the app.

Instagram and its sister networks Facebook and WhatsApp suffered a widespread outage that lasted more than six hours on Monday, disrupting communications for the company's roughly 3 billion users.