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Instagram adds likes, comments in Web page expansion

Update adds increased Web presence to the photo-sharing app, which Facebook liked enough to buy for $1 billion.

Instagram's new photo page.

Instagram has increased its Web presence with a site overhaul that includes the addition of more interactive features.

The update adds the options to like and comment on photos and the ability to log in to edit profile options from a desktop Web browser. The update also sports a new blue-and-white color scheme reminiscent of the app. However, as The Verge points out, the update still lacks feature parity between the app, and Web and photo browsing is limited.

Instagram user interface designer Maykel Loomans announced the overhaul in a tweet this afternoon:

The overhaul comes just three days after the first major update to Instagram since Facebook completed its purchase of the photo-sharing app. That update added a new profile tab, different ways to search, commenting improvements, and visual and speed enhancements. It also added the distinctive Facebook feature that lets users share likes, or little hearts, to Facebook if they want.

Instagram has experienced a whirlwind of changes in the past couple of months. Shortly after the formerly iOS-only app added an Android brethren, Facebook plunked down $1 billion to acquire the company in April. It also climbed to the top of the iTunes app store charts that month. However, it's been pretty quiet since then and it now holds the sixth place in the app store.