Lose yourself to dance in this DIY Daft Punk helmet

Fans build the ultimate helmet prop that uses "PCB electronics, Wi-Fi, MIDI, motion/audio interaction, 250 RGB LED lights and a huge programming job."

Bonnie Burton
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Bonnie Burton

Daft Punk fans love to show their appreciation for the French electronica band by making pop culture mashup videos and creating Lego tributes. But fans who build fantastic Daft Punk replica helmets are in a class of their own.

Daft Punk, which consists of producers Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, is not only known for its music, but also for unusual disguises. The duo always wears gloves and ornate helmets, creating almost robotic personas.

The prop-making team LoveProps has created the ultimate helmet prop, complete with enough bells and whistles to make it worthy of Daft Punk itself. In a YouTube video, posted last week by LoveProps, the helmet is featured in all its shiny, light-up glory.

The handmade sculpted model is crafted with amazing attention to detail. The helmet includes "custom design PCB electronics, Wi-Fi, MIDI, motion/audio interaction, 250 RGB LEDs and a huge programming job," LoveProps wrote in the video description. "A light instrument designed for composing and generate music for the eyes, housed on a one-of-a-kind high quality redesigned GM helmet."

"The designing, building and programming of the GM01 took more than one year of daily work," Love Props team member Future Guy Mike wrote on his blog. "Finishing the unit with the desired quality was a huge odyssey. A handmade sculpting model, primed cast, great attention to the detail, perfect scale and custom electronics, code and libraries, make this unit more than a helmet."