Hurricane Matthew watch spins across social media

Social Cues: The Nobel Peace Prize goes to Colombia's president, not "peacemaker" Vladimir Putin as a banner on the Manhattan Bridge proclaims.

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A diagram predicts where Hurricane Matthew is heading next.

National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Matthew has hit Florida hard as the devastating storm begins to move up the East Coast.

The storm was trending on Twitter by Friday morning, with updates continuing to pour in. Social media also celebrated the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, while humankind's worst creation -- the Cheetos pizza -- trended on Facebook.

Social Cues is our daily feature on what's trending among your friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook. Here's your go-to guide to what's buzzing across social media Friday:

Hurricane Matthew: After leaving a path of destruction across the Caribbean and the Bahamas, the powerful storm crossed over to the US, reaching Florida on Thursday night. Affected areas like Cape Canaveral and Daytona Beach trended on Twitter, as winds blasted and scoured at 115 mph. More than 400,000 homes in Florida had lost power by Friday morning. Videos and photos of the storm were streaming across social media.

Nobel Peace Prize: Colombia's president, Juan Manuel Santos, won the prestigious award for his "resolute efforts to bring the country's more than 50-year-long civil war to an end," according to the Nobel committee. Some Twitter users congratulated the Colombian president, while others argued over who should have won instead.

Manhattan Bridge: Despite a guerrilla marketing campaign, Vladimir Putin did not win this year's Nobel Peace Prize. NYPD officers are looking for whoever hung a giant banner of the Russian leader from the Manhattan Bridge. The 20-foot-by-30-foot banner featured a photo of Putin with the Syrian and Russian flags behind him, with the caption "peacemaker." The banner was unfurled Thursday afternoon. Photos of the banner were popping up on Facebook on Friday.


Vladimir Putin is a "peacemaker," according to this banner.

CBS2 screenshot by CNET

Cheetos Pizza: In case you need a new and exciting way to hate yourself, a DIY guide on making "Mac N' Cheetos Pizza" is gaining popularity on Facebook. From the HellthyJunkFood YouTube channel, the cheesy concoction calls for you to crush your Cheetos and sprinkle the dust on top of your pizza dough. At 700 calories a slice, there's no shortage of shame on every bite. TGIF?

Southwest Airlines: The airline soared into trouble as Facebook users expressed outrage over a religious profiling incident from April. Kahiruldeen Makhzoomi, a Muslim student from the University of California, Berkeley, was kicked off a flight from Los Angeles to Oakland allegedly after another passenger was alarmed because he was speaking Arabic. The student made a passing reference to ISIS while telling his uncle about a speech from United Nations' Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. On Wednesday, the Council on American-Islamic Relations filed a complaint against the airline on behalf of the passenger.