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Hulu unveils lineup of original, exclusive shows

The online video site continues to expand its library of original content with three original shows and seven exclusive ones.

Hulu hopes summer reruns will have viewers tuning in to its Web site for original shows.

The online video site today unveiled a lineup of 10 shows -- three original and seven exclusive to the site -- that begin airing in June.

It's among most aggressive announcement of unique content yet for Hulu, which is hoping the new shows will give viewers extra reason to view online content through Hulu. The site has been focusing more on original content even as its slate of available television shows and movies either shrink or move behind its Hulu Plus pay wall.

The original shows include movie review show "Spoilers" with Kevin Smith, previously announced travel series "Up To Speed" with Richard Linklater, and comedy "We Got Next." The exclusives include U.K. comedy "Rev," comedy "The Yard," magic show "Derren Brown: Inside Your Mind," sci-fi show "The Booth at the End," drama "Pramface," drama "The Promise," and comedy "Little Mosque."

Hulu has attempted to transform itself from a site picking up old and new shows and movies to its own fledgling network, even holding an "upfront" presentation to advertisers. Upfronts have historically been used by networks to pitch advertisers on their upcoming programming, and Hulu had been left out of them since it didn't offer its own content.

Despite concerns that consumer interest in Hulu is waning, the company said last month that it had reached 2 million Hulu Plus premium subscribers.