Homestar Runner

A mix of entertainment and games, together on one site.

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      Category: Entertainment

      You may not even realize it, but you're likely to have seen Homestar Runner or one of the site's characters before. The site is a mix of entertainment and games, together on one site. The site is probably best known for its flagship character Strong Bad, who answers site visitor e-mails with a sense of sarcasm and ridicule. Homestar Runner also has over a dozen other characters who are placed in the site's entertainment games and video clips.

      Homestar Runner launched in early 2000, and has since gone on to sell DVDs with cartoon content and to produce video Podcasts. The site even has its own wiki, which features a user-created and -maintained encyclopedia that chronicles all the characters and events in Homestar Runner's virtual world.

      Web site: www.HomestarRunner.com

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