Here are all the new features coming to MacOS Sierra

Siri leads a bevy of new features for the next version of Apple's computer operating system, MacOS Sierra.

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At Apple's developer conference, WWDC 2016, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi introduced eight new major features coming to Apple laptops and desktops running the company's upcoming operating system, MacOS Sierra.

The biggest of these is full Siri integration. Apple's digital assistant will be accessible through the Dock for you to do deep searches of your system or anything else -- from pulling up a music playlist, to finding a showtime for a movie, to finding an image on the web.


Apple introduced its upcoming Mac operating system at WWDC 2016: MacOS Sierra

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

"It's the same Siri that we know and love, but now on the Mac," said Federighi, "and it can do so much more."

You'll be able to do things like drag-and-drop results straight from the search results into a document. Also, results can be pinned right to your Notifications.

Along with Siri integration, Federighi rattled off seven other new features coming in Sierra.

  • iCloud Drive: You'll be able to sync your Documents and your Desktop folders between between MacOS systems as well as iOS devices.
  • Optimized storage: Hard drive filling up with old files? Federighi said this new feature will allow you to free up space by shifting old stuff off your computer and into the cloud. This gives you more room locally, but if you need to open an old document, you can easily pull it back down. Also, it will let you know to delete used app installers, remove duplicate downloads, caches, logs and other unnecessary junk.
  • Apple Pay for the web: If you're shopping online inside of Safari, you'll have a shopping online, you'll have a Pay with Apple Pay button available to you. You'll be able to securely authenticate your purchases with select merchants using continuity right on iPhone with TouchID or an Apple Watch.
  • Picture-in-picture: Binge-watching while you work made easier. Start playing a video and you'll be able to pop it out as a separate floating box that can be moved around your screen.
  • Tabs: Just like the tabs in your browser, you'll be able to have tabbed windows in other applications, including third-party ones.
  • Universal Clipboard: Basically, you'll be able to sync your clipboard between devices. Highlight and copy something on your iPhone's screen and you'll be able to paste it into a document on your computer.
  • Auto Unlock: Instead of having to type in your Mac's password to get in and start working (or playing), you'll be able to use your Apple Watch to automatically unlock your computer.

Sierra is available to developers today, with a public beta coming in July that you can sign up for now.

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