Harry Potter ebooks on sale now from Pottermore

All seven Harry Potter books are now available to buy in ebook format, though Kindle owners can't get them from Amazon.

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Luke Westaway
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Potter fans and Kindle owners take note, the Harry Potter novels are now available to buy in delicious digital formats, via JK Rowling's Pottermore site. But Kindle owners will be perturbed to learn the electronic tomes can't be downloaded directly from Amazon.

The first three books in the epic wizarding saga cost a penny under £5, with the final four priced slightly more at £6.99. If you're determined to power through all seven, then you can buy them at once for £38.64.

The books are downloaded in ePub format, which means they'll work with the vast majority of ebook readers like Kobo or Sony Readers, as well as smart phones and tablets.

However, ePub isn't supported by the Kindle -- y'know, the most popular ebook reader -- so if you want to squeeze Potter and chums onto your Amazon device, you'll need to link your Amazon account with a Pottermore account, which should see your purchases pushed to your Kindle Library.

That's an annoying step for Kindle owners, but it's pleasant to see the books released DRM-free. If you'd rather get Rowling's phenomenally popular books streamed into your brain via your ears, digital audio book versions are also available at £18 for the first three books, then a whopping £33 for the last four.

£167.34 gets you all of the audiobook versions at once, and they're all read by Stephen Fry. In the US, they get Jim Dale and his voice-shifting vocal chords.

The Harry Potter ebooks could be ideal if you're off on holiday but don't fancy lugging a ludicrously large tome around in your suitcase, or if you're keen to indulge in some wizarding fantasy but don't want to be seen reading a kids' book on the train. Trust us folks, the back of a Kindle is a lot more discreet than those daft 'grown-up' versions.

Just yesterday we reported that from September, die-hard fans of the Harry Potter movies will be able to buy all the movies in one epic 31-disc box-set. It costs £195 though, which frankly is riddikulus.

Are you Potter-mad enough to re-read the books in digital form? If you're new to the series, would you consider getting involved now that the books are downloadable and, crucially, practically weightless? Tell me in the comments below, or over on our Facebook wall.