Orionid meteor shower lights up with likes on social media

Social Cues: Plus, a charity dinner with Trump and Clinton in attendance turns into a slow roast.

Alfred Ng Senior Reporter / CNET News
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Alfred Ng
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An Orionid meteor streaks across the sky back in 2009.

Steve Ryan

Halley's Comet is still a few decades away from returning, but it's left a gift in the meantime.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, don't expect much greatness to come out of Twitter on Friday morning because the social network is experiencing an outage.

Social Cues is your go-to guide on what's buzzing across Facebook and Twitter. Here's what is trending on social media on Friday:

Halley's Comet: No, it hasn't been 75 years since the last time Halley's Comet came around in 1986, but this might be close enough. The Orionid meteor shower peaked from Thursday into Friday morning. You might still be able to catch a glimpse of up to 25 shooting stars an hour. The celestial spectacle is made up of debris from Halley's Comet. Several breathtaking photos of Thursday night's meteor shower were already getting hundreds of likes on Facebook. Check out our tips on how to get the best view.

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Twitter is experiencing an outage on Friday morning on the East Coast.

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Twitter Down: Maybe that's why the Twitter trends were kind of a bore on Friday morning. Twitter is experiencing an outage along the East Coast. The outage stretches from North Carolina to parts of Maine, according to a Down Detector map. A tweet from Statusbrew noted that Twitter's APIs were down at 7:51 a.m. ET. Twitter's problem may be part of a bigger issue, related to a DDoS attack.

MetLife: Play that sad Charlie Brown music, please. After 31 years of service, Snoopy has been fired by the insurance company. Facebook users were not having any good grief over the news. The company had paid up to $15 million a year for licensing rights to Snoopy. It's unclear what the cartoon dog's severance package will be, or if he has any retirement plans.

Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner: Is there an award for the most awkward roast of the year? Can it go to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? The dinner is an election season tradition. And every four years, the two presidential candidates show up at the charity fundraiser in New York City to make fun of each other. However, this dinner looked like anything but fun. Trump was heavily booed during the usually light-hearted event. Once again, the political pundits of Facebook gave their two cents on the slow roast.

Mosul, Iraq: Facebook's eyes are on the battle as forces continue to fight ISIS in the Iraqi city. News broke on Thursday that a US soldier was killed in northern Iraq, the first US service member to die since the launch to reclaim Mosul from ISIS began this week. More than 920,000 people were commenting on the conflict on Facebook by Friday morning.

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