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Hacking site gets hacked is the subject of its own coverage after suffering an early morning hack that has been referred to the FBI.

Hacking and security news and information site was the subject of its own coverage today after suffering an early morning hack.

The hack, preserved here, occurred this morning at 5:12 a.m. PT, according to Rootshell. Administrators took the site down after discovering the attack at 6 a.m. PT. The site was restored two hours later.

"Steps have been taken to prevent re-entry, and full details are now being turned over to law enforcement for what we hope will turn into arrests," Rootshell administrator Kit Knox said this morning in a statement.

Knox later said that the matter had been turned over to the FBI.

The attacker replaced the front page with a rambling screed peppered with profanity as well as references to groups and luminaries in the hacking world, including imprisoned hacker and perennial cause célèbre Kevin Mitnick.

The attacker also threatened to hit another hacking news site, AntiOnline.