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Guy Kawasaki's new site proves the metagator is still alive, kicking

Like Popurls? Check out Alltop, a metagator of large proportions.

Between Netvibes, Pageflakes, and Google Reader most people are probably pretty squared away when it comes to picking their news snippets in an orderly fashion. Then there's those pesky metagator sites, such as Original Signal, and Popurls that pick out the sites for you. It's the editorial side of the game that still has some art to it. Not to be left out, Guy Kawaski (creator of Truemors) has entered the fray this morning with Alltop.

The site shares a lot in common with Popurls (from which it was inspired), forgoing a few sites in each category to list as much as possible on a single page (up to 30 different sites in some cases). There are nine categories to choose from, including politics, science, gaming, and my personal favorite "egos" which includes the likes of Robert Scoble, Fake Steve Jobs, and Gawker Media's Nick Denton. Notably missing is any sort of technology or Web 2.0 section, a move I applaud since clearly we've already got a pair of those that do the job just fine.

There are no ads on any of the Alltop pages (yet), however, from the site's FAQ it looks like they're on the way soon. Users are also encouraged to send in their own topics and favorite sites, which can and will be reordered later on using user voting.

I'm definitely bookmarking Alltop for the growing catalog of categories and sites. Although like Rafe, I'm pretty used to using Netvibes to keep track of my favorite feeds. Your mileage may vary, but give it a look.

[via Brian Solis over at of the featured egos on Alltop]

2/11 Update: There are now 12 categories, including a "tech" one, although it simply links to

Tired of Web 2.0 stuff? Alltop's got you covered with several other categories like celebrity gossip (we know you secretly read TMZ--it's okay, we're not judging you.) CNET Networks