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GTask Sidebar takes Google's task list out of Gmail

Put Gmail's task list on the side of your browser with a small and handy Firefox extension.

CNET Networks

If you want to manage and keep track of your Gmail task list outside of Gmail, or Google's special iPhone front end, there's a new tool to help you do it. Called gTask Sidebar, this Firefox plug-in will put Gmail's task list in your browser sidebar. It's basically an IFrame that emulates what you get in Gmail, although without any skinning or the capability to pop it out as its own window.

You can create, complete, and edit lists and tasks the exact same way you do it in Gmail. And instead of having an instance of Gmail open, or your task list in a pop out window that must be managed outside your main browser window, you simply pull it up or dismiss it using a small button that hangs out in the bottom corner of your browser.

There are a few things that bug me about it though. For one it doesn't let you re-size the list, which in Gmail is nearly twice the width. It also doesn't let you have two different task lists up at the same time, which is a shame considering it has an extra frame below it that remains unused no matter how large your list gets. Also, it uses the same log-in cookie as any other Google service you have running, which means logging into another account logs you out of the task list. Regardless, having this installed is a much simpler way to keep your to-do list close at hand.

Note: The screenshot to the left has been edited to fit the size of this blog post. In reality it's noticeably taller. You can see it in its full size here.