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Group Text+, Email+ simplify group conversations on iOS

Two new iOS apps aim to eliminate the pain points of sending emails and iMessages to large groups.

Group Text+ and Email+ on an iPhone 6 Plus. Jason Cipriani/CNET

Even with the improvements Apple made to the Messages app in iOS 8, and with the ability to create contact groups on iOS, the process for sending a message or email to more than one person could use some work.

Two new apps from the developers behind Launch Center Pro just released two new apps, each one aimed at respective power users of the Messages and Mail apps on an iOS device.

Left: Group Text+ Right: Email+ Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Using either app you can create dedicated groups you frequently email or message. Or if you'd like quick access to a favorite contact, you can add individuals as well. To do so, tap on the Edit in the top-right corner followed by the Add Contacts button. Follow the prompts to complete creating your groups, then save your work.

Within the app you can quickly snap a photo, browse GIFs from Giphy, insert a photo from your Camera Roll, your current location or predefined text messages (of which you can create and edit).

To send a group message using either app, select the group (or individual) you added, select any content you'd like to include in the message and then tap on the Compose button. A compose screen will then show up, populated with the contacts and content you selected, waiting for you to hit Send.

Examples of the sharing extension for either app in the Photos app. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Going beyond sending messages within each dedicated app, be sure to take advantage of the Share Extension. Doing so will allow you to send content from the Web or within any app on iOS with a share button with your groups. Instead of having to enter a name (or names) on the compose screen, you can tap on the avatar that represents the group or contact you'd like to send a message to, followed by compose. It's almost too easy.

Group Text+ is available for $1.99 | £1.49 | AU$2.99, with Email+ currently listed at $2.99 | £1.99 | AU$3.99 in the App Store.