Grocio makes grocery shopping recession-friendly

Looking to save some money on groceries? Soon-to-launch Grocio looks at your shopping list and tells you which stores have what you want for the lowest prices.

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Josh Lowensohn

Based on the growing size of our layoff tracker and the number of pitches we get starting with "in today's tough economic climate..." it's a great time to launch a service that helps save people cash. Grocio is no stranger to that idea, and lets you comparison shop for groceries without even having to leave the house.

Assuming you're the kind of person who sticks to their shopping list, and nothing but what's on that list this could end up being an incredibly handy service. It plugs into pricing provided by local retailers (including any coupons you might have on hand) to let you know which store has the lowest price, along with how much your shopping list will cost at each retailer.

The service hasn't launched yet, and is rolling out in limited markets to begin with, but you can see a demo of how it works here. Something tells me this would be a huge hit with college students if you could narrow it down to just beer and snacks.

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Add items to your list and price check them at various retailers with Grocio. Grocio