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GreenDealsDaily tracks cheap, eco-friendly shopping

This sales tipsheet aims to help you save money while saving the planet.

People often complain about the high cost of organic foods, hybrid cars and pesticide-free bamboo T-shirts. GreenDealsDaily, which launched this month, attempts to bust the myth that living a more eco-friendly lifestyle is only for the well-heeled.

The site lists the latest price drops, coupons and freebies for green products, as well as lifestyle tips from IdealBite, Treehugger and other blogs. Hurry and call ConEd now, for example, if you want free compact fluorescent bulbs for your Manhattan apartment. Or get thee to Gaiam for its 75 percent discount while the organic cotton bedding lasts.

You can register with GreenDealsDaily to submit deals and vote on the best or worst ones to help other users. The site also offers an RSS feed worthy for any picky eco-shopper's news reader. The site donates 5 percent of its ad proceeds to carbon offsets via Carbonfund. It would be nice if GreenDealsDaily also incorporated green business ratings; potential sources would include Alonovo, Badbuster, Sustainlane and FiveLimes.