Google's experimental Stack app wants to help you get your papers in order

Take a picture of your documents and the app will scan it and digitally file it for you.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer

Google is rolling out a new experimental app called Stack on Tuesday that could help you digitally organize your paperwork. Take a picture of a receipt, a bill, an ID or any number of other types of physical document and Stack will automatically scan it, categorize it and pull out the most pertinent information so you can find it easily when you need it.

Supposedly, Stack will name your document automatically and recognize info like a due date. You can then search using this info or for any text in the scanned doc itself. The app can also back up your docs to Google Drive so you can access them even if you decide to stop using Stack.

Stack certainly sounds cool in theory, but the blog post announcing it notes that it's still experimental and could get things wrong. You can customize security from the start by requiring a scan of your face or fingerprint whenever you log in.

The app was created in Google's in-house incubator Area 120 and is a collaboration between an Enterprise AI team and a former education startup. 

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