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Google warns of malware infections, helps scrub your computer clean

Google has spotted a new form of malware that's infecting many users' computers. The search behemoth will tell you if your computer's a victim, and help you get rid of the ghastly software.

Google has spotted a new form of malware that's infecting many users' computers. Thankfully, the search behemoth will tell you if your computer's infected and will help you get rid of the horrid software.

In its official blog, the big G explains how it noticed a large amount of 'unusual search traffic' that proved to be the result of malware busily going about its evil work on users' machines.

This particular strain of malware sends traffic to Google's site through proxy servers. In its post, Google didn't explain the exact nature of this traffic, or what else the malware may be doing with your PC.

If your computer's been infected, you'll see a yellow warning box when visiting any of Google's sites. Clicking this box will take you to an information page on how to fix the problem.

If you see this box, we suggest you follow the advice on updating your antivirus software and performing a full system scan. You don't want that lovely Samsung Series 9 getting too badly hurt, after all.

Your computer can become infected by malware in numerous ways, including downloading dodgy software and visiting nasty websites. It's always wise to practice safe searching -- keep your antivirus software up to date, and don't install random software that pops up as you're browsing. Our Downloads website is jammed full of software for you and it's all 100 per cent safe.