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Google Voice heading for Europe?

Google Voice may be on its way to Europe. Google has revealed international deals have already been signed for the 'one phone number for life' service

Google Voice may be heading for Europe. A filing with US regulator the FCC reveals the number of subscribers to the service, and that Google already has deals in place with companies outside the US.

Google Voice gives users a single phone number, which forwards calls to specified mobiles or landlines. Features include free calls, SMS and voicemail transcripts.

Google has signed deals with "international service providers for inputs to Google Voice", according to a letter filed with the FCC. Although several sections of the letter were withdrawn because they were "improperly formatted" -- yeah right -- Business Week viewed the redacted sections.

According to the letter, Google Voice has 1.4 million users. More than a third of that number use the service every day.

Until now, Google Voice has been best known on this side of the pond for the controversy surrounding its rejection from the Apple App Store. Apple is yet to lift the velvet rope and allow Google Voice into the Store.

The concept of a 'number for life' that goes wherever you go really gets our geek juices flowing, even if it's yet another portion of our lives to sign over to Larry and Sergey. Do you welcome our Googular overlords, or will you be sticking with old-timey phone numbers? Check out the official video for more information, and dial us up in the comments.