Google said talking buyout with Yelp

The potential acquisition of the reviews site for local businesses, reportedly valued at $500 million, would make Google the Borg of local content.

Larry Dignan

Google is reportedly in talks to buy Yelp for $500 million. Sure, buyouts are a fine exit strategy for start-ups, but does Google (insert any other Web giant here too) have to buy everything that someday could be a threat?

TechCrunch first reported the Google-Yelp talks and The New York Times is confirming them.

Now let's play this out. Google buys Yelp, a big review site for local businesses. It gets access to local listings and reviews. Google then connects it all to Google Maps and its trendy bar code scanning toy and lines up local keyword ads. Through the purchase of AdMob it gets all mobile on you and sends you coupons to your phone (an Android-powered device of course).

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