Google releases iOS app to configure Chromecast devices

People buying the $35 Web-to-TV streaming-video devices now can set them up with an iOS app, not just a PC with a Web browser.

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iOS users now can set up and manage their Google Chromecast devices with an app Google released Tuesday.

The Chromecast app for iOS lets people set up and configure Google's streaming-media device.
The Chromecast app for iOS lets people set up and configure Google's streaming-media device. iTunes/Google

Google announced the app on its Chrome updates blog and published the app on iTunes. The app can be used to set up a Chromecast's Wi-Fi settings and to adjust settings such as the device's name.

Chromecast devices plug into a TV's HDMI port so that people can send video streams from their PCs to the TV, using an Android or iOS device as a remote control. The bare-bones $35 hardware on the Chromecast lacks its own interface, so setup requires external intervention. Google already let people configure Chromecast devices with a browser on a PC.

For details on the new configuration option, check CNET's advice on how to set up a Chromecast with iOS.