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Google redesign dumps black navigation bar

New Google bar has a drop-down menu for products under the Google logo, as well as the familiar search bar and Google+ tools.


Google's site facelift isn't finished yet.

After rolling out redesigned Gmail and Reader interfaces, the search giant announced in a company blog post today that it has turned its attention to its search bar.

"It's time to unify, simplify and say goodbye to the navigation bar," Google says in a video (see below) introducing its new Google bar.

The horizontal black bar at the top of the page with links to Web, News, and Images--which actually hadn't been around all that long itself--is now history.

Instead, users will now have three tools that will stay static across the top of their page: a Google drop-down menu on the left under Google's logo, a search bar in the center, and Google+ tools on the right.

The Google menu opens vertically on rollover and includes the links formerly listed in the black horizontal bar and will be available even when users aren't signed in to an account.

The rollout is occurring now, and the new set of tools is expected to be available to all users in the next couple of days.

Google unveiled a revamped Google Reader earlier this month, along with a new interface for the Web giant's e-mail service.