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Google promises 'big announcements' for Google TV

updated Don't hold your breath for the company's rumored home entertainment device; the "big" news is an updated Google TV YouTube app.


updated Google is teasing us with a promise of "big announcements" tomorrow regarding Google TV.

"Get ready for Monday, we have some big announcements!" the Web giant cryptically teased late Saturday from its Facebook page.

Google representatives did not immediately respond to requests for more information, so it looks like we will have to wait until tomorrow to see what the company has up its sleeve. Perhaps the company will take the wraps off consumer gear the company is reportedly developing.

The company is working on a home entertainment device that would "stream music wirelessly throughout the home" and be marketed under Google's name, according to a Wall Street Journal report last week.

Google has dabbled with consumer products before and has met with mixed results. Google TV is software intended to power smart TVs and other Web-connected devices but that effort has largely foundered. Google was also behind the Nexus One, which was built by HTC. However, the so called Google Phone was a commercial disappointment.

Updated at 4:45 p.m. Despite promises of something big, it turn out the announcement is an updated Google TV YouTube app.