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Google Now for iOS maybe shown off in leaked video

Google's passive information sleuthing service sure looks like it's headed to iOS soon, according to a leaked video.


It's only March, yet Google's already having a pretty bad year when it comes to leaked videos.

First it was the Chromebook Pixel, and now comes one for Google Now on Apple's iOS. That's the always-on service for mobile devices that automatically pulls up all sorts of relevant information depending on where you are, and that continues to be an Android- and Chrome-only feature.

A purported promotional video for the iOS app went up on YouTube, though it was promptly pulled down. It may or may not have been the real deal. Engadget managed to save the clip and repost it, and as the site notes, both the new video and a previous promotional video have the same narration and general visual style, suggesting the leaked clip is legit.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the video.

Google Now debuted at last year's Google I/O conference as part of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It can tap in to calendar information, as well as e-mail, news, transportation feeds, and user location to surface relevant information in the form of cards that show up on screen. Google has added other functionality and sources for information through software updates, as well as brought the feature over to bleeding-edge versions of Chrome and Chrome OS.

In the case of Google Now working on Apple's platform, the video suggests Google will simply add the functionality to its existing search application (iTunes), just like it did with its improved, Siri-like voice search last year.