Google Maps Adds Toll Road Price Estimates and Better Navigation

Choosing between regular roads and toll roads will become much easier.

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Google Maps will get toll road price estimates and better navigation tools.

Angela Lang/CNET

Google said on Tuesday that new navigation features are coming to Google Maps, including toll road price estimates and more detailed maps for better navigation. iPhone users will also see some quality of life improvements with a new home screen widget, Apple Watch, Siri and Spotlight integrations. 

Before starting a route, Google will display toll pricing based on information from local toll authorities. Maps will look at the costs of using a toll pass versus other payment methods. It will also consider pricing based on what day of the week it is and how much a toll may cost at a specific time. Google will still let drivers know about available non-toll roads for those looking to save money, and there will be an "Avoid tolls" option in the settings menu. 

Toll road pricing should land for Android and iOS users for nearly 2,000 toll roads in the US, India, Japan and Indonesia sometime this month. Other counties will be coming soon. 

In the coming weeks, Google Maps will also begin showing more detail when driving, including upcoming traffic lights, stop signs, building outlines, width of roads, including medians and islands. The search giant says this will decrease the likelihood of last-minute lane changes or missed turns. 


Google Maps will soon show traffic lights and stop signs along your route, as well as other enhanced details.


For iPhone and iPad users, Google is bringing a new widget that can display planned trips that have been pinned in a user's Go Tab. This widget will display arrival time and suggest routes for drivers. On Apple Watch, users will now be able to read directions when away from an iPhone.

Lastly, Google Maps is integrating into Spotlight, Siri and the Shortcuts app on iOS. Once shortcuts have been set up, users can say "Hey Siri, get directions" to access Google Maps instantly. Spotlight and Shortcuts integration will be coming in the next few months with Siri integration landing in the summer.