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Google makes it easier to disable Buzz

Google has finally heard the message and has added a Settings entry for fully disabling Buzz.

Still in a tizzy over disabling Google Buzz?

Last week we took you through a laborious step-by-step process to disable Buzz, Google's new social network. Google's engineers made some quick changes as a result of the backlash, including fixing a security flaw affecting mobile Buzz users, tweaking a setup process that has you manually accepting followers, and providing an easier way to disable Buzz if you want to give it the heave-ho.

Disable Google Buzz--updated
Google finally lets you disable Buzz through the Settings. Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Now when you click the still-tiny hyperlink at the bottom of your Gmail screen that turns Buzz off, you'll be taken to your Settings screen, where you'll have options about displaying Buzz in Gmail, and even disabling Google Buzz completely. Choose this latter option to nix Buzz in Gmail, unfollow buddies, break off any connected sites associated with your name, and eradicate both your Google Profile and Buzz posts.