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Google launching presentation app [VIDEO UPDATE]

Google's got a new service on the way, and as rumored months ago, it's a presentation app.

CEO of Google Eric Schmidt discusses Docs and Spreadsheets, YouTube, lawsuits and more with John Batelle at the Web 2.0 Expo keynote
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Google CEO Eric Schmidt went on stage yesterday at the Web 2.0 Expo and announced that the slides running on the four giant projection screens were actually Docs and Spreadsheet's newest app: a presentation service.

In an interview with John Batelle, he was asked, "Is this a competitor to Microsoft Office [and PowerPoint]?"

Schmidt: "I don't work at Microsoft."

Batelle: "Come on!"

Schmidt: "Microsoft does have a collection of Web-based products. But for people who need presentation apps on the Web, they're going to use this. This is a testament to the strength of Web 2.0."

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Schmidt then went on to talk about the DoubleClick acquisition, previously reported about on

Update: We've got some hasty digital camera footage from the announcement which we've embedded after the break. To see it, click the 'read more' link below. See also the story.