Google hasn't 'done anything yet' with Maps for iOS 6, Schmidt says

The company's executive chairman gives the impression that Google hasn't gone out of its way to bring Google Maps to iOS 6.

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Google Maps on Apple's iOS.
Google Maps on Apple's iOS. Screenshot by Matt Elliot/CNET

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt is sure to make iOS 6 users a tad bit unhappy today.

Speaking to reporters in Tokyo, Schmidt said that his company has "not done anything yet" for Google Maps on iOS 6. He didn't quite go as far as saying that Google Maps won't be coming to Apple's latest operating system, but seemed to indicate that so far, his company is holding its mapping application close to the vest.

Both Reuters and Bloomberg attended at the press event and reported on the story.

Opinions differ on whether Google has submitted its Google Maps application to Apple for approval in the company's App Store. Last week, one developer claimed that Apple was holding up the approval, while The Loop reported that the iPhone maker hadn't even seen the app yet. Neither Google nor Apple has commented on that. According to Bloomberg, Schmidt also wouldn't say if Google had submitted its Maps app to the App Store.

Many iOS 6 users are wishing Google would act fast and get its Maps application into the App Store. Apple's Maps, which replaced Google's alternative, has proven disappointing. The application suffers from incomplete maps, duplicated locales, and at least one town that's in the wrong spot.

Although Apple hasn't publicly said why it removed Google Maps from iOS 6, it's likely that the company doesn't want a competitor's software running natively on its own operating system. Google's YouTube application, which used to be available natively in iOS, was also removed. However, unlike Google Maps, YouTube is available in the App Store.

In his discussion with reporters today, Schmidt couldn't make any promises that Google Maps would also find its way to the App Store. He reportedly told the press in attendance it's Apple's "choice" over whether it wants to allow Google Maps in its store or not.

Regardless, Apple appears dedicated to improving its own application. Just yesterday, a report surfaced saying that Apple was looking to poach Google Maps workers for its own application.

CNET has contacted Google for comment on Schmidt's statement. We will update this story when we hear back from Google.

This story has been updated throughout the morning.

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