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Google fixes search bug in App Sync for Outlook

A flaw that prevented Windows Desktop Search from working properly with Google's App Sync for Outlook tool has been fixed.

Google App Sync for Outlook users can now search their Outlook folders using Windows Desktop Search.

It's once again safe to fire up Windows Desktop Search if you're a Google Apps user.

Google's App Sync for Outlook allows fans of Outlook to keep the familiar interface even if their company switches to Google Apps on the back end, but it debuted with a flaw: Windows Desktop Search couldn't find e-mails created with the new software installed. Google got together with Microsoft to work on a solution to the problem--which must have made for a few interesting meetings--and a fix has been released, Google announced Tuesday.

There are a few other outstanding bugs, such as the lack of support for the Adobe's Acrobat PDF Maker Toolbar, but Google made it a priority to fix the bugs that were impeding normal use of e-mail first, a representative said. Along with the restoration of Windows Desktop Search, Google also made it possible to turn autoarchiving on or off during installation and improved synchronization of the little notes attached to contact records.

Those who are currently using App Sync for Outlook will have the updates automatically applied to their software, and a new version can also be downloaded directly from Google.