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Google Fiber's TV app lets users stream directly to an iPad

Similar to the same app for Android, the new iOS app doubles as a television remote and also lets users browse, select, record, and stream movies and shows.

The Google Fiber TV app for iPad.

If you live in Kansas City, have Google Fiber, and also own an iPad -- you're in luck. As of Tuesday, the Google Fiber TV app for iPad is available in Apple's iTunes store.

Just what does this app do?

Well, besides doubling as a TV remote control, it also lets users search for programming, browse listings, access on-demand content, and pick shows or recordings to watch. The app also lets users watch any of these shows or movies directly on their iPad.

The Google Fiber TV app has been available to Android owners for about a month now. And, instead of just tablets, it works on all Android devices running Jelly Bean.

While there's still no Google Fiber iPhone app yet, a Google representative told CNET that the company plans to release an app for the device "soon."

Google inaugurated its high-speed Internet and TV service in Kansas City in November. The first Net-access system of its kind, Google Fiber has the Internet speed capacity of 1-gigabit-per-second, which the company says can be up to 100 times faster than what most Americans have today with broadband.

Now that Kansas City residents have had a chance to test the service out, Google Fiber will also be launching in Provo, Utah, sometime this year and in Austin, Texas, in 2014. The Google representative told CNET that the Google Fiber TV apps will also be available to customers in these cities once their Internet service is installed.