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Google Drive leaks -- packs 5GB storage, in-app doc editing

A leaked screenshot of Drive reveals the service will offer 5GB of free storage, beating Dropbox.

Some details about Google's upcoming cloud-based storage system have leaked. And the big news? Google Drive will offer you 5GB free storage, which is more than Dropbox's 2GB. (Though you can choose to upgrade with both services.)

The screenshot was leaked to Talk Android. It also reveals you can make changes to the document within the app and all versions will be updated accordingly.

The Next Web reports Google has also updated pages on its Support portal, mentioning the document editing capabilities of the Drive app for Android. Though when I checked there was no mention of Drive whatsoever, just Google Docs, so maybe Google will be rebranding the Google Docs app as Drive. Or maybe one will be rolled into the other -- perhaps Drive will be a strand of Docs, for example.

Whatever the case, it looks like it'll work pretty much identically to Dropbox. "Put your files in Google Drive and you can access them on your desktop, mobile phone or tablet, and" the screenshot reads. Though motor on over to and all you'll see is a 404 error at the moment.

Google Drive will also play nicely with Google's Chromebooks, and undoubtedly the search giant's upcoming tablet. The tablet is expected by the summer. It'll be a Google-marketed affair, rather than made by the company, just like its Nexus smart phones. It's expected to challenge the iPad too, with Google boss Eric Schmidt referring to the device as "of the highest quality". So don't expect it to be cheap as chips.

Steve Jobs tried to buy Dropbox, such was the company's success. Last year it made $240m, and has over 50 million users, and Google wants a slice of that cloud-based pie.

Will you use Google Drive? How can it beat Dropbox? Let me know in the comments, or over on our Facebook page.

Image credit: Talk Android