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Google doodle demystified: Animated logos to be explained at 5.30

The secret of Google's magical mystery animated logos will be revealed at 5.30

The secret of Google's magical mystery logos is about to be revealed. A press event is being held this afternoon that may explain the animated logos gracing the Google homepage over the last couple of days.

Google is holding a search-related press conference in San Francisco at 5:30PM UK time. Distinguished Engineer Ben Gomes -- what a great job title -- and Marissa Mayer, VP of Search Products and User Experience, will address the event at San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art.

Yesterday, the Google homepage featured a logo made up of balls that flew around the mouse pointer. Today, a plain grey logo comes to lustrous life when you begin to type. The Web has been positively abuzz with explanations about the Google doodles, which are usually celebrate an important date -- or let you play Pac-Man.

From previous launches like Buzz and Wave, Google knows that the Internet lights up with excitement whenever the big G does anything. Whether it's an experiment involving browser standards compliance or just harmless larks, you can see the action unfold live in a Webcast at You can even submit questions by emailing