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Google Cloud issues trip up Snapchat, Spotify and others

The company quickly rolled out a fix and says it's resolved.

Getty Images

The Google Cloud Platform experienced problems on Tuesday, causing outages for Google Cloud Networking, App Engine and Stackdriver. Services like Snapchat, Pokemon Go and Spotify were also affected. 

At 12:34 p.m. PT, Google said it was "investigating a problem with Google Cloud Global Loadbalancers returning 502s," referring to a message indicating server issues. Google posted the statement on the Cloud Status Dashboard

At 12:53 p.m. PT, the company updated the status, indicating it had initiated a fix.

"The issue with Google Cloud Load balancers returning 502s should be resolved for majority of users and we expect a full resolution in the near future," the company wrote on the status dashboard.  

The issue was resolved for all users as of 1:03 p.m. PT, the company later wrote. The company said it would conduct an internal investigation and make improvements "to help prevent or minimize future recurrence." 

The company also said it would provide a more detailed analysis of what happened after the investigation. 

A Google representative confirmed that the issues had been resolved. 

First published July 17, 1:22 p.m. PT
Update, 1:28 p.m.: Adds updated comment from Google representative.