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Accept is like Last.FM for books

Read any good books lately? Tell everyone in your social network with

Just got passed an invitation to yet another social networking site called Goodreads. My first impression is that it's Last.FM for books.

There's a database of books I can browse or search through and rate on a scale of one to five stars. So far I've made it through 229 of all the books I've ever read. How did I have time? Rafe Needleman asked me to write this blog posting, and therefore it became "work."

But it didn't take that long to rate a bunch of books. I perused the overall lists of most popular and least popular, then perused the lists of a few of my friends. That last was annoying, because when you view a friend's list, you see their rating and can't rate the book yourself. I had to click through to the book to rate it.

You can also add books to shelves. The default is to add it to a "read" shelf but I also added the books I'm currently reading to the "currently reading" shelf. And I even added a book to the "to-read" shelf.

On any given book you can write a review to support your rating, a little like how it works at I didn't do that to the 229 books I rated.

I'll have to give it a little time to see if I really use it as a recommendation engine or not. In the meantime, it was fun to browse through and remember books I'd read but hadn't thought about in a long time.