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GNN tries to get hip with new show

GNN is launching a Web "show" targeting the so-called Generation X users.

Global Network Navigator, the Internet access and content service of America Online, is trying to capture the so-called Generation X audience with a new Web "show" that is one of the first not to focus on content or technology, but on personalities.

Called Spanq, the three-minute daily audio clip is hosted by Trip Anchor and Uncle Dutch, who serve up attitude as well as sound effects while they critique what's new on the Web in a format described as "Siskel & Ebert meet Beavis and Butt-Head." Anchor and Dutch are two former college radio show hosts, both of whom worked on the now-defunct page NCSA What's New? co-published by GNN and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications.

The show will be posted each day at midnight, Pacific time.

GNN is also using the show to promote its idea of "perishable" content on the Web, meaning that the show will be replaced every 24 hours and that listeners are out-of-luck if they miss it. The idea is to borrow a technique from television to drive listeners to the site every day, thereby justifying higher ad rates.

Netscape Communications is the first advertiser to sign up for Spanq. In addition to the standard ad banner, the rate card features ten-second audio ads.

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