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Gmail and Google Calendar get mobile face-lifts

Gmail and Google Calendar are looking better these days, especially if you're an Apple iPhone user.

If you're a user of the mobile versions of Google's Gmail, and Calendar, you'll know that they're incredibly useful if you're on a carrier with less than 3G data speeds. Not as useful as the full desktop browser versions, but great if you're out and about and need to check your calendar or inbox without having to rely on the sometimes clunky POP implementations on the built-in e-mail apps on some phones. Both services have received substantial mobile updates within the last few days, here's what's new:

Gmail mobile (

New this week is checkboxes--everybody's favorite way to sort through several messages at once, and do bulk actions like marking them as read or as spam. This is great if you're on the road and feel like doing some spring cleaning on your in-box. There's also a new view menu that lets you pick what you want to see when you visit the mobile version, from starred messages and drafts, all the way to labeled messages. iPhone users will also appreciate bigger, and more finger-friendly buttons.

Google Calendar (

Getting even more of a face-lift is Google Calendar, which has been completely redone specifically for the iPhone. Users are now greeted to a weekly event roundup that's much, much easier to read, along with a quicker way to sort through which calendars you want to see. The difference between the old version and the new version is night and day. Unfortunately, the changes won't appear for other handset users who are still stuck with the eye-frenzy of chunky text. Also missing is a way to edit calendar entries, or switch to a month and week view--features which are often mission-critical. You can however, add quick entries, which will show up on your schedule right away.

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Google Calendar's new look for the iPhone compared to its current look on other mobile phone browsers. Which one would you rather use? CNET Networks