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Glassdoor offering a look at salaries beyond the dollar

The company survey site is adding support for currencies in more than 100 countries.

Look out multinational employers, is also going multinational.

Glassdoor, a site that gives insider reports on salariesand the zeitgeists of more than 11,000 companies, plans to announce Tuesday that has added multi-currency information for more than 100 countries. Basically, that means a Google employee in the search company's terribly cool offices in Zurich, Switzerland, can see salaries in the local Swiss franc--probably more useful than seeing it in the American dollar.

Launched in June, Glassdoor says it has received more than 60,000 salary reports and company reviews. It was founded by veterans of Microsoft and Expedia (Rich Barton, the CEO of real estate site Zillow, is non-executive chairman). The idea was to make salary and workplace-quality information as public as possible. The service is free, but in order to get information, users have to provide information.

Glassdoor has added two other features: The first allows users to more finely filter the information they're looking for. The second is an "employer" feature that allows a representative for one of the many companies being reviewed to have the ability to comment on reviews (fair's fair, after all) and talk with Glassdoor employees to make sure their information is accurate.