Give annoying Facebook friends an imaginary time-out

Yes, there's an app for that. Defriendtion lets you call out over-sharers with a viral badge of dishonor on their walls.

Donna Tam Staff Writer / News
Donna Tam covers Amazon and other fun stuff for CNET News. She is a San Francisco native who enjoys feasting, merrymaking, checking her Gmail and reading her Kindle.
Donna Tam

A new Facebook app lets you poke fun at your friends who post annoying content by putting them in a virtual time-out and announcing it to the Facebook world.

Defriendtion, which launched today, has users fill out a form explaining why they want to "dislike" their friends temporarily, along with evidence in the form of links, photos, or quotes and the number of hours of "defriendtion" you want them to serve.

When you put your friends in this virtual detention, the app posts a message to their wall and Timeline, as well as the news ticker.

The app's promo video says these culprits include the friends who post too many photos of their lunch, inspiration quotes, unnecessary hashtags, or simply share too much information.

There's a similar app for Twitter called Twitter Doghouse. It puts friends in a temporary suspension so you won't see their tweets during a certain time frame, like during a sports event you don't care about or the election campaign season.

Unfortunately, the Defriendtion Facebook app is just for giggles. It won't do anything to curb the content on your news feed.

But, fear not, you can do that yourself by changing the settings for each friend. It's like the virtual version of avoiding people on the street or using caller-ID to screen calls.

Or you could always do it the old-fashioned way and defriend them for good.