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Get 'You Need a Budget' (Win/Mac) for $30

Normally $60, this top-rated tool teaches you everything you need to know about managing money, then helps you manage it.


Not to get all political or anything, but here's what I think all schools should teach: self-esteem, conflict resolution, and budgeting. You know, life skills.

Wow, could I have used help with budgeting. To this day, I'm terrible at managing money. (Why do you think I became The Cheapskate?) Thankfully, there's a tool that can help, and it's on sale.

You Need a Budget

Ending today, AppSumo has You Need a Budget 4 (Win/Mac) for $30. Regular price: $60. And that's a one-time cost; no subscriptions or other recurring fees. Hallelujah!

The software (hereafter known as YNAB) guides you through four key rules that, when followed, should help you whip your finances into shape. From there, it helps you track your income and expenses, optionally using free companion apps (Android | iOS) to record purchases and the like. YNAB also offers free online classes to help you learn the software, deal with credit cards, and more.

Although your purchase gets you a single license, that's good for "all the the PCs and Macs in your home," according to AppSumo. That outfit (one of my favorite deal vendors) also offers a 60-day, money-back guarantee, something you rarely, if ever, see on software purchases.

I haven't tried YNAB myself, and CNET hasn't reviewed it, but the user ratings at AppSumo are overwhelmingly positive. What's more, there's an Amazon product page with hundreds of ratings averaging out to 4.5 stars. (Not sure why the software is "currently unavailable" there, though.) The apps are also very highly rated.

Given the ample insurance of the money-back guarantee, I'd say this is a can't-miss buy for anyone who needs help creating -- and sticking to -- a budget. Because, let's face it, living the cheapskate lifestyle gets you only so far.

Bonus deal: Where do you stand on "Star Trek"? (I'm way in the minority, but I think "Voyager" ranks as the best series since the original.) If you count yourself among its many fans, here's a deal you won't want to miss: The Humble Star Trek Bundle, a sliding-scale comics collection with bonuses at various price points. There are 14 graphic novels in all (each containing multiple issues, with the movies and various TV series alike represented), and charity stands to benefit to boot. Beam this one up!

Bonus deal No. 2: If you weren't one of the lucky winners of last month's Fluance Bluetooth speaker contest, here's a nice consolation prize: For a limited time, you can get the Fluance Fi30 Bluetooth wood speaker (black) for $129.96, shipped, when you apply coupon code FI3CNET at checkout. (It's also available at that price in white and bamboo.) I've got one of these, and to my eyes and ears it looks and sounds terrific. The deal ends Sept. 6.