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Get PollDaddy in smaller sizes with PollDaddy Jr

PollDaddy has been around for a while now, and its newest iteration scales things back a bit to work with social networks, while keeping some of the biggest features.

Over the weekend, poll-making tool PollDaddy quietly released a new OpenSocial app called PollDaddy Jr. It's got all of PollDaddy's features squeezed into a "mini app" (not to be confused with a widget) that can travel the rounds to any OpenSocial-ready network.

I gave the app a spin on Hi5 and MySpace, and both offer the same experience of building polls like you would on PollDaddy's own site, but nested within the confines of the social network instead.

What may be more interesting is the chat I had with PollDaddy founder David Lenehan. Lenehan says the company has started to experiment with media polls, something that's been offered by many competitors that let you stick photos, videos, and audio clips within a poll or survey. You can actually do this just fine in surveys, PollDaddy's long-form questionnaire product, but Lenehan plans to make this available in polls in the near future.

Also "on the drawing board" is a native iPhone application that will tap into your PollDaddy account. Lenehan says it will be mostly a tracking tool to keep an eye on polls you've placed around the Web, but will also let you create entirely new polls. He's also hoping to integrate it with the Answers service, which currently has more than 700,000 user-created polls.

Polling services have been a hot commodity lately. PollDaddy competitor Sodahead snagged an $8.4 million in Series B venture funding a few weeks ago, which Lenehan says he's excited about since PollDaddy is about the same size with just two people onboard.