Get movie editor Muvee Reveal 11 for Windows for $14.99

Normally $79.99, this highly automated app can turn smartphone, GoPro and other video clips into polished movies.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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A common problem: you've captured a daunting digital pile of photos and videos from a wedding, birthday party, vacation, drone flight, trail ride or the like, and now you want to assemble everything into a slick, polished movie.

Welcome to the not-so-wonderful world of video editing -- a slow, laborious process that often involves complicated, expensive software.

Not today! For the next two days, as part of a Cheapskate exclusive, you can get Muvee Reveal 11 (for Windows) for $14.99. (That link takes you directly to a checkout page, where you may want to uncheck the Product Backup option, which adds another $7.95 to the price.) It lists for $79.99 and sells at Amazon for $50.

Muvee Reveal brings automation to the movie-editing experience. You give it all your media, it spits out a visually pleasing production complete with titles, transitions and a soundtrack.

You can customize various aspects of your project or just pick a style and let Muvee have at it. Videos can be fast or slow, action-packed or romantic, colorful or black and white...you get the idea. The software includes licensed music that can serve as your soundtrack, though of course you can add music (and/or narration) of your own if you prefer.

I don't have any hands-on experience with Muvee, and I couldn't find any reviews of this version outside of Amazon's couple user reviews (mostly positive, FWIW). If you've used the software, be sure to hit the comments and share your thoughts.

On the surface, it looks like a winning solution to the aforementioned problem. My son's bar mitzvah is coming up in a few months, and I could totally see using Muvee to assemble the obligatory this-is-your-life montage. Instead of devoting precious hours to it, I could get the job done in minutes. That sounds like $15 well spent to me.

Bonus deal: Speaking of software, and video software in particular, are you still hanging onto your DVDs? If you're ready to break free of digital media, grab this: for a limited time, SharewareOnSale has Digiarty WinX DVD Ripper Platinum (for Windows) for free. Regular price: $39.95. The software will convert your DVDs to mobile-friendly formats, the better to view them on phones, tablets and so on. You can also back up your discs to ISO format. I've used this program before; it works, and works well.