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Get a three-month Rhapsody Premier subscription for $1

That's an awful lot of music-streaming goodness for just a buck, and potentially a great last-minute gift!


Earlier this month you had the chance to score a three-month Spotify subscription for 99 cents. That deal is over, but, if I may borrow from Yoda... there is another.

For a limited time, music service Rhapsody is offering three months of unlimited listening for $1. The regular price for Rhapsody Premier: $9.99 per month.

That subscription allows for music streaming in one location at a time, though you can authorize up to three devices to download music and play offline. Needless to say, you'll need to supply a credit card, and you'll need to remember to cancel in three months (unless you plan to continue at the regular rate, natch).

Although this offer is limited to U.S. residents (sorry, Canada), I haven't seen anything in the terms indicating it's for new customers only. (However, because I know some will ask, I doubt very much that existing Rhapsody subscribers can simply tack on an additional three months for $1.)

For those unacquainted with it, Rhapsody is one of the oldest players in the online-music market, way older than Beats Music, Google Play Music, Rdio, and Spotify. In fact, history buffs, it was the first service to offer unlimited on-demand music.

In terms of content, features, pricing, and the like, Rhapsody compares favorably with its competitors. I particularly like its app, which I find easier to navigate and just generally more intuitive than the some of the others.

And, hey, for a buck? There's rarely been a better opportunity to test-drive the service for yourself. And what a great last-minute gift item for a family member! (They don't have to know it was only a dollar. It'll be our little secret.) Your thoughts?

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