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Get a lifetime subscription to for $25

Normally $48 for just one year, this incredibly handy service adds snooze capabilities to your inbox.

There's nothing super-sexy about, but it's a productivity rock-star. AppSumo

Many mobile mail apps offer a great feature: snooze, meaning you can "reschedule" an email to return to the top of your inbox at a later time.

That's awesome, but it doesn't do me any good when I'm working at my laptop. That's why I rely on a more universal follow-up service, one that works across all devices.


Like this one: For a limited time, AppSumo offers a lifetime Mini subscription for $25. That same plan normally runs $5 per month, or $48 if prepaid annually. For just about half that rate, you can get it for life.

I've been a fan of services like these for years, and in fact I've used a freebie account for as long as I can remember. But I often bump into the 10 reminders/month limit, so this deal couldn't come at a better time. The Mini plan raises that cap to 25 messages, while allowing me to add a second email account.

It works like this: Whenever I receive an email I want to "snooze," I simply forward it to a designated address:,,, and so on.

In short order you can whittle down the unread mail in your inbox while resting easy that important messages won't get lost "below the fold" (which is how I describe unread mail that gets pushed out of view by other unread mail).

And when a snoozed message does reappear, you can re-snooze it by clicking one of the links embedded within the follow-up mail. You can also use as a simple reminder tool, sending notes to yourself ("Call Bob in Accounting") to arrive at designated times/dates. And a relatively new tasks/tags feature lets you add some organization to your follow-ups, such as

The real beauty of the service is that it works anywhere: Outlook, Gmail, smartphone, tablet, and so on. That's because it's not dependent on apps or other software. However, does offer a variety of add-ons, including a Chrome extension that's a great addition to Gmail.

Bottom line: This service rocks, and once you start using it, you'll wonder how you got along without it. Not quite convinced? Try the freebie plan for a day, then grab the AppSumo deal if you agree it's awesome. Or just go straight for the deal, which includes a 60-day money-back guarantee. I suspect you won't need it.

Bonus deal: Anyone who spends a lot of time connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots should seriously consider a VPN, which adds an important layer of security to your online doings. Today only, and while the licenses last, SharewareOnSale has a free 3-month CyberGhost 5 Premium VPN subscription. Consider it an extended trial, one which would normally cost you $21.