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Get a Google Chromecast for $17.99 shipped

From the Cheapskate: It's a refurb, but also the lowest price to date on Google's streaming-media stick -- and you get a one-year warranty. Plus: two bonus deals!

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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Talk about a stocking-stuffer.

While supplies last, Efurb has the refurbished Google Chromecast streaming-media stick for $27.99 shipped. But if you're new to Efurb, all you have to do is register (for free) and you'll instantly get $10 off your first purchase. That brings the total down to $17.99.


The original Google Chromecast.


This offer is limited to one per household, and needless to say it's for new customers only.

One quick note about the registration: You won't receive a coupon code or anything like that. The $10 credit will automatically be added to your new account and applied once you get to checkout.

So, to recap: Register for an Efurb account, then add the Chromecast to your cart, then check out.

Update: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email. You must follow the link in the email to confirm that registration before making your purchase! Sorry for not mentioning this from the start.

Update 2: Weird. According to Efurb, you don't actually need to follow the confirmation email link. The credit should be added immediately when you create your new account, as I'd stated originally. Stay tuned, folks -- Efurb is working to figure out why some of you aren't seeing the credit.

Update 3: Sheesh, OK. Final answer: You have to register first, then add the Chromecast to your cart. Sorry for all the hassle! Efurb assures me it's fielding any and all queries resulting from this confusion.

This is the first-generation Chromecast but, as CNET's David Katzmeier noted in his review of the newer model , the differences are few. One difference is the design -- but who cares? It sits behind your TV and out of sight. Another is compatibility with 5GHz Wi-Fi networks, which only matters if your TV is far from your router.

Regular readers might also note that Groupon has been selling refurbished Chromecasts for months -- but it's charging $20, plus over $5 in shipping and taxes. Here, you're not only getting the unit for about $7 less, you're also getting a full one-year warranty.

That's the Efurb claim to fame: Everything is backed by the seller's own extended warranty. Buy the Chromecast from Groupon (and most other sources) and you'll get only 90 days' worth of coverage. Is there anything that can really break? No, but who's going to turn down that extra peace of mind, especially for a lower total price?

I've ordered a handful of items from Efurb. Each and every one arrived quickly (usually within 2-3 days) and in mint condition. I'm a fan.

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Stand delivers.


I'm less a fan of the Chromecast itself, primarily because I prefer an actual remote to Google's smartphone- or tablet-powered operation. But for $18 out the door, this is just a ridiculously good deal -- especially if you're looking to give someone the gift of streaming. Try to beat it, Black Friday. I dare you.

Bonus deal: I'm all for do-it-yourself smartphone and tablet stands, but if it costs only a few bucks to get a really good, really versatile commercial product, isn't that worth considering? For example, Aibocn has this aluminum multi-angle stand for just $7.99. Shipping is free for Amazon Prime subscribers.

This top-rated, heavy-duty stand can handle devices as large as an iPad. Most of the DIY solutions? Not so much. Great gift item!

Bonus deal 2: Photoshop is not an easy program to learn, and yet it's essential for anyone interested in graphic design and similar creative pursuits. Online-learning site Udemy is offering the Photoshop Beginners Mastery course for free when you apply the coupon code LEARN_PHOTOSHOP at checkout. This course consists of some 40 lectures and three hours of video.