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Get a $500 productivity pack for $70

From the Cheapskate: This powerhouse bundle includes premium subscriptions to seven great services.

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If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to do...would be analyze the stuffing out of it to figure out why it's passing so quickly. Seriously, last I checked, I was 40. Now I'm 47. What the heck?!

Aha! Figured it out. Too much work! If I could boost my productivity, I'd gain more free time for leisurely, time-slowing pursuits. Just one problem. How to get a productivity bump without a spending dump?

Here's how. For a limited time, Read It Later is offering The Productivity Pack for $69.99. This valuable assortment of tools and services would normally cost you close to $500.

The package includes a one-year subscription to:

  • Meeting-management service Do.
  • Password manager LastPass Premium.
  • Web-clipping service Pocket Premium.
  • Document-management-for-teams service Quip.
  • Conference-call service UberConference.
  • List manager Wunderlist Pro.

You also get a 12-week All Digital Access subscription to The New York Times, though that's more likely to decrease your productivity than improve it.

Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

These are some fantastic services, especially for anyone running a small business. Do, Quip and UberConference are the heavy hitters, with a combined value of almost $300.

And while you might not consider LastPass or Pocket to be productivity tools in the traditional sense, if you've ever spent more than, say, 60 seconds trying to find or remember a password, you'll quickly come to recognize the value of a password manager. And Pocket is so much better for saving and organizing Web content than your browser's bookmark function.

I should note that there are free versions of nearly all these services, and for individuals those may be enough. (I've used non-premium Pocket and UberConference for years, for example.) But there's no denying the value of this bundle, so if you want to "go pro" on a great assortment of time-savers, give it a look.

Bonus deal: Calling all comics fans! Ending today, Groupon has a set of 50 assorted DC and Marvel comics for $34.99 shipped (plus tax). Alternately, you can choose a DC or Marvel bundle of 25 comics for $20. There's no way to know for sure what you'll get, but the dates will range from the 1980s to the present.